Local Partners

As a chef-owned and operated company, partnering with the best local partners has always been at the center of our menu philosophy. High quality ingredients provide the base for an exceptional menu. Luckily, Red Oak has a long history of growing, raising, and producing some of the nation’s superior food. (No bias!) While we’re at the mercy of our local weather patterns, our kitchen works to preserve these flavors, extending our enjoyment beyond the growing season.

Responsible sourcing goes beyond just buying local. Vendors partners are selected based not only on the quality of their product, but on the thoughtfulness behind their process. We work to ensure our partners are equally committed to reducing our impact on our planet, while working to enhance our communities.



Drumlin Farm

Eva’s Garden

Meat & Seafood & Dairy

Red Oak Honey Company

Courthouse Seafood

Savenor’s Market

Coffee & Sweets & Bread

Clear Flour Bread

No. Six Depot Roastery and Cafe

Le Petit Pouf

Sustainably Designed With You in Mind

Xyloran Catering became a certified Sustainable Business Leader in 2012, officially recognizing our commitment to environmental sustainability. This certification program is run by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts and requires businesses to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, covering seven key categories:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Pollution Prevention & Safe Alternatives
  • Transportation
  • Local Purchasing & Local Food
  • Sustainability Management

Xyloran’s commitment to sustainability is evident in our everyday practices. Our team strives to reduce waste in every aspect of our operations, from the office to the kitchen and on-site too. This includes all cooking oils which are converted to bio-diesel, and all inedible food waste which is composted and turned into fertilizer. The remaining materials are recycled and converted into other useful products.